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  1. Hello SIr,

    Very well explained. Email notifications using above code is working perfect for me, however, I am getting emails garbled for the special characters, even though I have used &mynotification.ContentType = “Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8”;

    Can you please help with it ?

  2. Dear Team,

    Thanks for the article. We are trying to send a High Priority and Confidential email via templates. The mailbox used is Microsoft Outlook. Is there anyway to do this?


    • Hi Sasti,

      Have a look at the MCFOutboundEmail Class Properties.
      The Priority property and the Sensitivity property are the ones you are after.

      I’ve covered MCFOutboundEmail class here.


      • Hi Rakesh,

        Do you have code to send an attachment along with this generic template?


        • Hi Ram,

          You can use the FileNames and FileTitles properties for sending attachments – both accept arrays.
          FileNames will have the absolute path of the file(s) to be attached.
          FileTitles will have the name(s) with which these attachment(s) would be shown in the email.

          Please add the following code before &oNotif.Send().

          Local array of string &aFileNames = CreateArrayRept("", 0);
          Local array of string &aFileTitles = CreateArrayRept("", 0);
             /* Attachments */
             &sAbsFileName = "absolute/file/path/filename.pdf";
             &oNotif.FileTitles = &aFileTitles;
             &oNotif.FileNames = &aFileNames;


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