Installing PeopleTools 8.54

We have already seen how to install PeopleSoft on your laptop and set up an Oracle client in previous posts.

If you are a technical guy, you know that there’s no fun without PeopleTools. Right?

In this post I will show you how to get the final bit up and running so that you can fully utilise your local PeopleSoft installation.

All right, let’s get started.

  1. Navigate to \\ (This is the same IP that you used to access the PIA in the previous post step 11. It may be different for you.)
  2. Locating the Setup files

  3. Open the folder client-854/Disk1
    You will find a setup batch file here.
  4. Running the Setup

  5. Right-click on this file and Run as Administrator.
    This will launch the installation wizard.
  6. Run as Administrator

    Preparing to Install

  7. Click next to proceed.
  8. PeopleTools Client 8.54.08

  9. Accept the agreement and click next.
  10. Accept the Agreement

  11. Open this link and copy the PeopleTools license code for Oracle database.
  12. Getting the Key

  13. Paste the license code into the below screen.
  14. Entering the Key

  15. Select Non-Unicode database and click next.
  16. Non-Unicode DB

  17. Choose a directory to install PeopleTools.
  18. Directory Selection

  19. Select Yes and click Next.
  20. Peopletools Icons

  21. You may change the Program Group name on this screen.
    Click Next.
  22. Program Group

  23. This page shows the environment management details.
    Click Next.
  24. Environment Hub

  25. Choose the product features and click Next.
  26. Product Features

  27. This page shows the installation summary.
    Click Install.
  28. Installation Summary

    Installing PT Client

  29. This screen shows that the installation was successful.
    Click Done.
  30. Successfully Installed

  31. Three shortcuts would have been created on your desktop. Click the Configuration Manager shortcut to launch it.
  32. Desktop Shortcuts

  33. On the Startup tab, enter all details as shown below.

    The Connect Password is peop1e (remember we had set this during installation here Step 13)

    Click OK.

  34. Configuration Manager

  35. Click on the Application Designer shortcut to launch it and enter the credentials. Your credentials could be different depending on the application. For FSCM the credentials are VP1 / VP1 and for HCM it’s PS / PS.
  36. PeopleTools Sign on

  37. Application Designer opens.
  38. Application Designer

Try opening some definitions now!

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2 Responses
  1. Awesome blog post keep on posting more about peoplesoft.

  2. Hi Rakesh, thanks for your how to’s on PeopleSoft. I am a middleware engineer but have never had to support a PSFT environment. I’d like to know if there is any documentation, web articles, or your advice on editing configuration files instead of using the PSFT Tools? For example, is there a server.xml type of file that is used to define db connection parameters, pool, etc… ?


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