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3 Answers

Parallel Processing in App Engine

The parallel processing can be performed by using Temp table.This can be achevied by following steps: 1)Define a Temp record. 2)Set the instances in online pools(PIA->peopletools) 3)Add the te...

Answered by: bude 4978 views

4 Answers

State Record for Dynamic Call

The state record should contain the below 2 fields: AE_APPLID .-Application Engine Program name AE_SECTION :Section name. Note:If the Dynamic section is enabled within the same program section,...

Answered by: bude 3815 views

4 Answers

Bypass Search page in a Component

We can do this in 2 ways as below: 1. Search record should not have any search keys like INSTALLATION table. 2. We can skip search page through peoplecode as well. i.e, Write SetsearchBehavior()...

Answered by: bude 6780 views

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SQR:This is like a program. And it contains program sections.We can execute and compile the sqr. SQC:This is like a function in sqr.It does not contain any program sections.We can not compile and...

Answered by: bude 1983 views

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Arrays vs Load Lookup in SQR

Load-Lookup contains set of keys and values that's loads into memory.By using load lookup we can improve performance without using multiple joins in single select statement. By using lookup command we...

Answered by: bude 1721 views

2 Answers

Multiple Reports from One SQR

Hi It is possible by using commands Declare Report & Use Reports in Begin-Setup and Begin-Program Sections. ex: Begin-Setup Declare-Report Test1 End-Declare ---- Declare-Report Test2 End-...

Answered by: bude 1419 views

2 Answers

Testing a Component Interface

Having create a component interface we need to check the testing.Just give right click on a component interface which has created then click the component interface testing by default it is not author...

Answered by: RAMMY 3040 views

4 Answers

Prompt Table – Edit and NoEdit

in the prompt able edit means that allows a user to enter the system values int the prompt table with no edit means that allows the system values as well as user own values.This is the main differenc...

Answered by: RAMMY 6565 views

2 Answers

Multiple Reports from One SQR

Yes, using the command "NEW-REPORT" It closes the current report output file and opens a new one with the specified file name. new-report $next_report_file This will also update the reserved va...

Answered by: Arkhon 1419 views

1 Answers

Limit Object Access in App Designer

Application Definition Security are linked with primary permission list. If you want a developer to not allow to change any or all App engine program or record or then as a administrator you login i...

Answered by: VivekTyagi 1482 views