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Topics on Demand [ToD]

Introducing Topics on Demand! If you have a topic that you would like us to cover, this is where you can ask for it. Once we get some requests, one… Read more »

Updating multiple fields with values from another table

Last day we were working with an Application Engine which was relatively simple. It had a single step! We had to update 3 fields of tableA with values of similar… Read more »

PeopleSoft Radio Buttons

Radio buttons / Drop down / Prompt : What to use?

We have seen developers using Radio buttons, Drop downs and Prompts – most often interchangeably! Can we use these interchangeably? Of course, they will work! But what about performance? Will… Read more »

PeopleCode FieldEdit Event

PeopleCode FieldEdit Event

FieldEdit PeopleCode fires for the field and the row that just changed. So, to validate the input entered by a user into a field, you may write PeopleCode in the FieldEdit event of that particular filed.

PeopleCode Events: FieldFormula

The PeopleCode Event FieldFormula can get triggered in many different contexts and can execute the PeopleCode on every filed on each row in the Component Buffer. As this can degrade the performance of the system considerably, this event is hardly used.

FieldDefault PeopleCode Event

PeopleCode Events: FieldDefault

If you want to set a default value to a field on your page from PeopleCode, then FieldDefault PeopleCode event is the place that you should be looking for. FieldDefault PeopleCode can be associated with record fields and component record fields.

FieldChange PeopleCode Event

PeopleCode Event: FieldChange

The PeopleCode FieldChange event fires just after a change to the contents of a field has been made. It fires on the particular field that has changed. You can find the FieldChange event in Record Fields as well as Component Record Fields.

PeopleCode Page Activate Event

PeopleCode Event: Page Activate

Every page has an Activate event associated with it which gets fired every time the page gets activated. If there are multiple pages in a component, this event fires each… Read more »

The Journey of PeopleSoft

Founded in 1987 by David Duffield and Ken Morris at Walnut Creek, CA, USA, PeopleSoft came out with their first HRMS product in 1988. That marked the beginning on the… Read more »