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Multiple SQLs in SQL Action

Using Multiple SQL Statements in an SQL Action

While writing App Engines, we normally write one SQL statement per SQL Action. But in certain situations, we may need to change this style. This post explains how to put in multiple SQL statements into a single SQL Action.

Excel to CI Error - Invalid XML Returned

Excel to CI Error – Invalid XML Returned

Is your Excel to CI utility throwing as error stating “Invalid XML Returned. The response text is not valid XML. Login Data cleared” ? Here is a simple solution to fix this issue.

File Layout Field Properties: Amout as Char

Comma as Decimal Separator in File Layout?

Your interface that uses File Layout and App Engine to load CSV files into PeopleSoft starts receiving Numbers that use comma as decimal separators. The interface will normally fail – here’s a simple technique to address this situation.

PeopleSoft Procure to Pay Tables

PeopleSoft Procure to Pay Tables

PeopleSoft Procure to Pay links Purchasing and Payables modules to provide control and visibility over the entire life-cycle of a transaction. The main application tables used in the Procure to Pay cycle are listed here.

PeopleCode Filename Split

Function – Separate Filename from File Path

Sometimes, you will need to separate out the filename from the filepath + filename string. This post provides a function that helps you do this easily.

Red Herring

Rimini Street in Red Herring Top 100

Rimini Street is in news agains, this time for finding a place for themselves in the coveted Red Herring Top 100 Companies list. Read on for more.

Expense Sheet Header

Concatenating Rows in SQL Server

Have you ever felt the need to concatenate multiple rows against a particular field into a single row? We can do this sort of row concatenation right within SQL Server rather than bringing the output into Excel and then doing it. Here’s how!

PeopleSoft Best in KLAS 2011

PeopleSoft Named Best in KLAS

KLAS, a leading healthcare technology research firm, has named PeopleSoft as best Financials/ERP software in its “2011 Best in KLAS Awards: Software & Services” report. Read on to know more about this distinction.

Peoplesoft 9.2 roadmap

PeopleSoft 9.2 Planned for late 2012

Oracle reassures PeopleSoft customers on future investments by declaring the release of the new PeopleSoft 9.2 version, which would be generally available late this year. The company also assured that investments in Fusion would not shunt the growth of PeopleSoft.

Peoplesoft Application Management Suite

Managing PeopleSoft with Application Management Suite

Oracle’s Application Management Suite helps you manage PeopleSoft at your enterprise. This post outlines what’s possible with this management suite.