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Peoplesoft Excel to CI

PeopleSoft Excel to CI

PeopleSoft Excel to CI is an Excel based utility delivered by PeopleSoft to import data from an Excel spreadsheet into PeopleSoft records. Since it uses a Component Interface (CI), all validations are done on the data being uploaded.

Strip Characters in File Layout Field Properties

Comma as Thousand Separator in File Layout?

When using a File Layout, there could be instances when you need to strip out certain unnecessary chracters from a field before loading data into PeopleSoft. This post explains how to do this in a simple way.


What is an Unpost Sequence?

This field is present in many Voucher related tables, requisition tables, VAT, Project costing, receiving and journal related tables. One must be careful when making queries with these tables that… Read more »

Peoplesoft Workflow

Peoplesoft Workflow Tutorial

In today’s enterprise, workflow automation is inevitable. This step-by-step tutorial will help you setup a Peoplesoft Workflow in 8 steps.

PeopleTools 8.52 iPad Certified

Oracle Delivers PeopleTools 8.52

Oracle has taken PeopleSoft a long way ever since it was acquired. The release of PeopleTools 8.52 comes a reinforcement of its commitment to help customers maximize the value of Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications.

Oracle Buys RightNow

Oracle Buys RightNow

Oracle today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a major cloud service provider RightNow for $43.00 per share or approximately $1.5 billion. The deal will be closed late this year or early next year.

PeopleSoft Grid PeopleCode

PeopleSoft Grid PeopleCode

In this article we explore how to populate a PeopleSoft dynamically using PeopleCode. Sample PeopleCode has also been provided.

Oracle Financial Services

Oracle keen on Core Business; May Sell Software Services

Oracle is considering to sell of non-core businesses to stay focused on the core ones. This ET article sheds light on one such story.

ERP scene of 90s

ERP Scene of 90s

The ERP space 20 years back was nothing similar to the ones that we have now. Head over to this article that captures the move from the Green screen days to the present day SaaS and Cloud.

PeopleSoft Authentication Vulnerability – CPU

Your PeopleSoft installation may be vulnerable without the CPU that is schedule for release on 19th April 2011. Read on for a list of all product lines that are affected by this CPU.