How to Install PeopleSoft on Your Laptop

If you want to have your own local PeopleSoft installation, look no further. This post shows you exactly what I did to install PeopleSoft 9.2 / PeopleTools 8.54 on my Windows 8.1 laptop using Oracle VM Virtualbox.

This post will cover the following topics:

  • Prerequisites
  • Downloading the image
  • Extracting the ZIP files and Combining
  • Importing the OVM
  • Accessing the PIA

Installing SQL Developer and Application designer is covered in subsequent posts.

A little bit of background first. I’d to re-image my laptop several weeks ago and have not had a local PS installation since then. So I decided to get FSCM 9.2 up and running last weekend. The laptop I’m using has the following configuration.

Processor: i7 4700MQ
OS: Windows 8.1

Since Oracle started providing the VM images, installing PeopleSoft has become a straightforward affair. If you do not account for the downloading time, you can complete the full installation in little more than an hour.


Before you get started with the installation, make sure to have a look at the prerequisites.

Virtualisation support

To start off with the process, let’s first enable virtualisation support.
This is done via the setup utility (press F2 while booting on Lenovo; might be different for other manufacturers) and is needed if you want to run a virtual machine on your laptop.

Enable Visualization Support

Oracle VM VirtualBox

This is the virtualisation software we would be using. It’s freely available for download from Oracle here

Download Oracle VM Virtualbox

My Oracle Support Login

To access the PUM home page, you would be required to log in to MOS.

Hardware Support

You would need around 150 GB of HDD space to download, extract the zips and initialise the VM. After this is done, you may remove some files (more on this later) to recover space. You would also need a 64-bit processor and a 64 bit OS.

Downloading the image

  1. Navigate to PUM home page by clicking this link
  2. PUM Home Page

  3. The second tab you see is PeopleSoft Update Image Home Pages. In the drop down menu that appears when you hover your mouse on the second tab, select the application you are after. I’m selecting FSCM Update Image Home Page.
  4. Select FSCM Update Image Homepage

  5. On the FSCM update image home page, on scrolling down, you would see a table listing links to images. Click on PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image link. This one was posted on 6th March 2015. When you check out this page, you might have a newer one.
  6. FSCM Update Image Link

  7. This would open a new window listing the patch 20355668. This might be different for you. Click on the patch name to expand it and click on the download button towards the right of the page.
  8. Path Detail Page

  9. A window pops up and prompts you to accept the license agreement. On the next screen, the list of files that need to be downloaded are shown.
  10. Start Download Window

  11. I used a Firefox plugin called DownThemAll to download all the files onto my laptop. It took me several hours to download. You may want to read this post on PeopleSoft Tipster for a speedy download.

DownThemAll Queue

Downloaded files

In the next page, you will see how these zip files can be extracted and then combined to get the OVA file.
Click on page 2.

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59 Responses
  1. Thanks for this awesome step by step article. Tried doing it. Got stuck on the combining part

    • Hi Writankar,

      Glad that you found the article useful.

      Are you getting some error while trying to combine the files?

      • i like to know what must i write where it says findmo login: after that request a password

  2. thanks Rakesh wonderfully put together. i will try the tools one too now this is working

  3. Very useful article. Good job.

  4. Hi Rakesh, thanks a lot for the useful article. Its very clear and precise.

    I have followed all your steps and installed Peoplesoft, Oracle client and People Tools. All are working very good but my peoplesoft is very slow. It is taking me very long to open a page. Please help me fix this.
    I have tried restarting the system. Have allocated 2GB ram for the machine. My laptop config is:
    8GM RAM, i5 processor, Windows 7 and 1TB HDD.

    • Hi Ravi,

      Happy to know that the article was useful.

      2GB is very low for the VM which could be making it slow.
      Try allocating more memory to the VM

      • Hi Rakesh,

        Even I also allocated 2 GB RAM for VM. What is your Recommendation. I do have my laptop with 8 GB RAM.


        Dharmendra Gohil

        • Hi Dharmendra,

          I would prefer having 16 GB RAM on my laptop with 8 GB allocated to the VM.

          If your laptop has only 8GB, try allocating 4GB to the VM and see how the performance is.

  5. Hi,

    I am facing below error while importing
    FSCM-920-UPD-016.OVA file through virtual box.

    Failed to import appliance + Could not create the imported medium ‘G:\VirtualBox VMs\FSCMDB-SES-854-16\FSCMDB-SES-854-16-disk6.vmdk’. VMDK: Compressed image is corrupted ‘C:\Users\Paritosh\FSCMDB-SES-854-16-disk6.vmdk’ (VERR_ZIP_CORRUPTED). Result Code: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004) Component: ApplianceWrap Interface: IAppliance {8398f026-4add-4474-5bc3-2f9f2140b23e}

    Please help

    • Hi Paritosh,

      Your OVA file seems to be corrupt.

      Open your ova_gen.bat file in a text editor and check if the ZIP file paths are correct.
      After verifying this, try regenerating the OVA file and then import.

      If this doesn’t solve the issue, you may have to download the files again.

  6. Good job Rakesh…

    • Thanks Pratheepan.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Hello Paritosh, were you able to solve this issue not being able to connect to the front end. II can ping the server at I have the same issue????


  7. Hi Rajesh,

    I am able to create .OVA and imported it in VMbox. The instance is also created and I can boot appserver / webserver using PSADMIN command.

    However the front end PIA link is not working. I can ping the IP address from
    VM but when I ping it from local machine it wont respond.

    I am also not able to access through network folder.

    Please help.

    • Hi Paritosh,

      You should be using the IP you’d noted down in step 11. If you hadn’t noted it down, fire up your VM, in it’s command prompt type ip addr and use the ip shown against eth0.

  8. Hi,

    I have regenerated the OVA file and imported it successfully through VM box.
    I am also able to follow the above mentioned steps and can access Appserver/Webserver through PSADMIN command.

    However the front end link is still not coming up. I can ping the IP address from VM box but not from my local machine.

    Please help.

  9. Hi Rakesh,

    I have Install with the same step. I am not sure Is New Image has Run time Cobol also ? And can you give some Idea How to configure App Designer for VM Instance ?


    Dharmendra Gohil

  10. Thank you for the great article. Is there a way to start psconfig to view and / or edit the app server and process scheduler configuration files?

    • Hi Mark,

      This post takes you through installing tools –
      You can then invoke the Configuration Manager.

      You can use PSADMIN from the VM’s command prompt to manage App Server and Process Scheduler.
      To do this, switch to psadm2 using the command sudo su – psadm2
      Then navigate to the appserv folder using the command cd /opt/oracle/psft/pt/tools/appserv
      Then you can invoke psadmin

  11. Hi Rakesh,
    Need one help,
    I am getting, Connect your User Account
    and Note to Approver
    Support Identifier
    when I go to your link provided.
    I am not able to go on next sceen.
    Can you please help.

    • Hi Pankaj,

      Pl check with the person managing your organisations Oracle support.
      He may need to approve your use of the support identifier.

      • Thanks for your response Rakesh. I got that information from office and apprvoal as well.
        But I want to install PeopleSoft POrtal 9.1 or 9.2. Do we have any other link where I can see that reference or, I need to follow the same pattern that you showed in this artilce for FSCM?
        Thanks in advance.

  12. Establish a user profile that gives you access to PeopleSoft Application Designer and any other processes that you will use.

  13. Peoplsoft local

  14. Hi Rakesh,

    I could see this download of PS has to be done using an login from organisation. Will oracle is allowing users to use the PS downloads for personal use?


  15. Hi Rakesh,

    I am trying to install PeopleSoft in my personal Laptop.

    Needed Support Identifier to proceed with Installation, can you help…

    Thanks in Advance.


    • Hi Mayank,

      Pl check with the person managing your organisations Oracle support, he would be able to provide you the support identifier.

  16. Hi Rakesh,

    After I downloaded the ZIP files, upon extracting the Part 1, I am not seeing any ova_gen bat file. What could have happened? Pls help.


    • Hi KK,

      It’s usually within the new folder that’s created when you unzip the file.
      This batch file will then have to be placed in the same folder as all other zip files.

      If this is not the case, please make sure that you’d unzipped the correct zip file with the name ending with 1of12.

      • I checked all the zipped files none of the files contains ova_gen.bat file. Can you help me with this?


  17. Hi Rakesh,

    I hope you remember me from the time when we used to work together.

    I am trying to install PS on my PC but unfortunately I don’t have the access to PUM using my Oracle Support account.

    Any suggestion or alternative approach. I do have access to “” portal and can download PS tool and Application.

  18. Hi Rakesh,

    Thank you very much for your step by step guide. However, can I install peoplesoft in my laptop with following config: RAM: 4GB, Processor i5, HDD 500 GB??
    will there be any performance related issues arise if I install in my laptop?

  19. HI Rakesh great article, is there any any way that I can access the db ? does this installation come with a default db? I’m completely alien to psft , my main purpose is to plug in this psft db as a source to Oracle BI Applications .

  20. I installed this virtual box, please help me to on installing App designer steps.

  21. Hi Rakesh,
    Ashish here..
    I have completed 1year as PSAdmin and tired of clearing cache in my office and want to explore more.
    loved your post…
    Could you confirm.. I on my laptop with configuration as 500GB , 2GB RAM Windows 7 ,
    it will above work.??

  22. Hi Rakesh,

    I don’t have Support Identifier to create a Oracle account to Download required PeoplSoft file. Could you please help in providing the one.

    Varun Goel

    • Hi Varun,

      Pl check with the person managing your organisations Oracle support, he would be able to provide you with the support identifier.

  23. How do I know which Image I am running?

  24. Hi Rakesh,

    Need a help, I would need to install PS 9.1/9.2 with PeopleTools 8.5x on a network server at my office, would you please let me know the steps and what files to be downloaded from eDelivery site. I want to use MS SQL Server as backend. Please help me to get this. email me with all the information.

    Thank you.

  25. need help – i am having issues with cobol programs erroring out. does it require recomplie on the vm virtualbox env. I that is the case can you give some guidance. thx

  26. Hi Rakesh,

    Can i install peoplesoft on windows 10 OS ?

  27. HI!
    i am not getting ova file after extract the fscm zip file
    any suggestions please

  28. Hi Rakesh,

    I didn’t see any ova_gen batch file on any zip files so that I can’t generate the OVA file..

    btw, I downloaded the Campus Solution 9.2 for Virtual Box.

    thanks in advance

  29. Greetings Rakesh,
    I did run into difficulties; but thankfully I’m up and running smoothly.
    I’m learning all about the new AWE; and wondering about the steps to get emails up and running.
    Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Thomas,

      From memory, I didn’t have to do anything to get emails working.
      Just that my VM’s network adaptor was set to Bridged network adapter.


  30. Hi Rakesh,

    The link to download the ova doesnt work . Is that something we need to pay for the software? i am new to it . Can you please guide me if any free software available and the link . Domo mode also should be fine.

  31. Rakesh i tried the same way for HCM but after downloading all zip files . I extracted the 1st zip file but couldnt get nay ova bat file. Could you please help

    • Hi Abhijeet,

      The installation process has changed since this post was written – will update this soon.

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