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2 Answers

Executing App Engine from PeopleCode

Asked by: 4453 views PeopleCode

In some pages it becomes necessary to execute an App Engine from PeopleCode. How would you call an App Engine from within PeopleCode?

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2 Answers

  1. pandu on Feb 18, 2012 Reply

    callappengine() function

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  2. dineshmanikonda on Jan 04, 2014 Reply

    We can call AE through peoplecode 2 types
    1. callappengine() function what Pandu written
    2. CreateProcessRequest() function also we can use. with this function we can call all type of process like SQR,.Etc..,
    &procRqst = CreateProcessRequest();
    &procRqst.ProcessType = “Application Engine”;
    &procRqst.ProcessName = “AE_NAME”;
    &procRqst.RunControlID = “RUN_CNTL_ID”;

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