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Application Engine On-Exit Plugins

An Application Engine On-exit plugin is a new PeopleTools feature introduced in PeopleTools 8.59 that allows you to invoke an SQL or PeopleCode action at the end of any App Engine program.

NavBar Menu Standard Sort

How to change NavBar Menu Sorting

In PeopleTools 8.59, the NavBar menu is sorted alphabetically by default.
If you are looking to change this back to the standard sorting, read on.

Application Engine Action Plugins – The Complete Guide

An Application Engine Action Plugin is a new PeopleTools feature that can be used to alter SQL or PeopleCode actions in any App Engine program. . This guide covers all aspects of configuring App Engine plugins.

Homepage without Notification Panel

How to Hide The Notification Panel on Fluid Homepage

PeopleTools 8.59 brought in several enhancements to the Fluid homepage – one of them is the Notification Panel. Read on to find out how to hide this panel.

Testing HTML pages listed on the Web Profile Look and Feel page

It is common for PeopleSoft customers to customise these HTML files to change the logo or add additional text. In this post, we will look at some easy ways to test these HTML files after customising them.

Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting for PeopleCode, SQR and DMS

Do you want to have syntax highlighting and function lists for PeopleCode, SQR and Data Mover Scripts?
Read on to set these up in Notepad++.

Peoplesoft Excel to CI

Excel to CI – Log File Location

Excel To CI allows users to upload large amounts of data into a PeopleSoft Component directly from within an Excel Spreadsheet.
Here’s how you can generate a log to debug an Excel To CI and easily find it.

Oracle SQL Developer Logo

Installing Oracle 12c Client

It’s very important to have your SQL client to take full advantage of your local PeopleSoft installation. In this step-by-step tutorial, I will show you how to get your SQL Developer up and running in minutes.