PeopleBooksPeopleBooks empower PeopleSoft consultants by serving as a full fledged reference at the time of need. To benefit fully from the information covered in these books, you should have a basic understanding of how to use PeopleSoft applications. Oracle recommends that you complete at least one PeopleSoft introductory training course.

You should be familiar with navigating the system and adding, updating, and deleting information by using PeopleSoft windows, menus, and pages. You should also be comfortable using the World Wide Web and the Microsoft Windows or Windows NT graphical user interface.

These books do not typically provide step-by-step instructions on using tables, pages, and menus. Instead, they provide you with the information that you need to use the system most effectively and to implement your PeopleSoft application according to your organizational or departmental needs. PeopleBooks expand on the material covered in PeopleSoft training classes.

You can find online PeopleBooks for your reference below.

PeopleTools PeopleBooks
PeopleTools 8.14
PeopleTools 8.42
PeopleTools 8.45
PeopleTools 8.46
PeopleTools 8.48
PeopleTools 8.49; Link2
PeopleTools 8.50; Link2
PeopleTools 8.51
PeopleTools 8.52
PeopleTools 8.53
HRMS PeopleBooks
HRMS 8.0 SP1
HRMS 8.3
HRMS 8.8
HRMS 8.9
HRMS 8.9 MP1
HRMS 9.0; Link2
HRMS 9.1; Link2
HCM 9.2;
FSCM PeopleBooks
FSCM 8.4
FSCM 8.8
FSCM 8.9
FSCM 9.0
FSCM 9.1
FSCM 9.2
CRM PeopleBooks
CRM 8.1
CRM 8.4
CRM 8.8
CRM 8.9
CRM 9.0; Link2
CRM 9.1
Portal PeopleBooks
PORTAL 9.0; Link2
PORTAL 9.1; Link2
EPM PeopleBooks
EPM 8.8
EPM 9.0; Link2
EPM 9.1
ELM PeopleBooks
ELM 9.0; Link2
ELM 9.1
ELM 9.2
CS PeopleBooks
CS 9.0