About PSoftSearch.com

This blog started off in early 2007 as a place where I could keep some tips and code snippets so that they could be re-used over time. It was on Blogger.com that it was hosted initially.

PSoftSearch – PeopleSoft Search Engine

Have you had at least one instances when you searched for a PeopleSoft related term and the search engines returned something totally irrelevant. If you haven’t, try searching for “App Engine” in Google and see this for yourself. I had had this many a time and this brought the thought of starting a search engine that would handle PeopleSoft related searches efficiently – PSoftSearch.com was born.

PSoftSearch is a custom search engine for PeopleSoft and returns only PeopleSoft related results for all your queries. This can come in handy while searching for PeopleSoft related terms that are also common in other technologies.

The search engine behind this site searches through these sites and brings you relevant results. You can suggest us more sites that could add value to PSoftSearch.


Once the domain (psoftsearch.com) was in place, the Blogger blog was moved to blog.psoftsearch.com and published using the Blogger interface. We later moved to WordPress as it was much flexible and powerful as a blogging platform. Over the years the focus of our site changed so much that the search engine has now been moved to a page and the blog has taken the center stage.

Meanwhile, we added a page listing PeopleBooks available online. Remember, this was long before Oracle started hosting them publicly. Soon a News section that highlights important happenings in the ERP world and PeopleSoft in particular was launched.

Multi-author Blog

It wasn’t long before the blog started showing up in Google results and my colleagues started noticing it. Some of them wanted their posts published here and we became a multi-author blog. If you enjoy writing about PeopleSoft, you too can join PSoftSearch and start giving back to the community.

Head over to this page where you can join PSoftSearch.

Getting in touch

If you would like to contact us with suggestions or just about anything, please use the contact form.

Thank you for being here and I sincerely hope you enjoy our articles!

-Rakesh Subhagan