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Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting

Notepad++ Syntax Highlighting for PeopleCode, SQR and DMS

Do you want to have syntax highlighting and function lists for PeopleCode, SQR and Data Mover Scripts?
Read on to set these up in Notepad++.

Call UNIX from SQR

Calling UNIX scripts from SQR

It often requires us to invoke OS commands from within an SQR. Today we will see how to use the call system command from within the SQR to invoke a UNIX script.

Arrays in SQRs

Arrays in SQR

An Array, like a database record, is organized as rows and columns. But unlike a database record, Arrays exists only in memory and NOT in the disk. This post discusses the arrays in SQR in detail

Comments in SQRs

Comments in SQR

It’s always a good practice to comment your code. By doing this, your code become more understandable and thus maintainable. This holds good for all programming languages and SQR is no exception.

SQR Load-lookup

Load-Lookup in SQR

It’s common to join tables within SQRs to retrieve data from normalized tables. As SQL statements consume significant computing resources, such joins may be a hindrance to performance of the SQR. Further, as the number of tables that are used in the join increases, the performance decreases.

Multiple Reports in SQR

Multiple Reports in SQR

Generating multiple reports in SQR is common these days. Writing SQRs that produce multiple reports have many advantages over the other approach of having multiple SQRs do this job. This post discusses how to generate multiple reports in SQR.

remove special characters function in SQR

SQR: Function to Remove Special Characters

Last week we were discussing about a piece of code that would remove special characters from a string. This was used in an SQR that writes to a .csv file…. Read more »

remove special characters in SQR

SQR: Removing Special characters from a String

This week was hectic! Though we had a very normal start, a couple of critical job failures knocked us midweek taking away all our coffee breaks! Once the jobs were… Read more »

Record used in the example graphic

SQR: Reading from Flat File and Updating a Record

This post is in response to Fred’s request on ToD. He had asked for an SQR program that would read from a flat file and update the values to a… Read more »