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PeopleSoft Data Archive Manager

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Over time, your PeopleSoft database will grow in size. It becomes necessary to archive certain tables to make your system fast and efficient. PeopleSoft Data Archive Manager is a tool that will help us in going a long way in developing an archival solution.

This tool uses Archiving Records, Base Records and History Records. Can you explain the purpose of these records with examples?

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1 Answers

  1. Nathiya on Oct 06, 2015 Reply


    Archiving records – main tables ,
    history records – clone the main bake without peoplecode and save it HST at the end of it
    Archiving list of records say for example we have five archiving and history records which have common key field Employee ID. Choose a base record from these archiving records and generate a ps query based on the requirement by using the base record . i.e selecting the employees list who should be archived by using base record. Run the archive data to history tables process by choosing the selection process type and check all the five history records are archived .

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