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Removing a Work List entry

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One of the Users in your system is able to see an Expense Sheet for Approval in his Worklist. However, the Expense Sheet in question was approved and paid some months back. Due to some error, the Worklist entry is still present though. How would you remove this entry from the users WorkList page?

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1 Answers

  1. pradnya.satalkar on Jun 23, 2016 Reply

    The worklist entry can be removed by updating field INSTATUS to 2 (Worked) of PSWORKLIST record.

    Tracking down the InstanceID requires some SQLs to be fired:
    1. Get Thread ID from XREF Record
    2. Find appropriate thread ID by checking Step instance and User Instance Records; by applying criterion for Approver OPRID.
    3. Get the Instance ID and update PSWORLKIST record for that instance with instance status as 2.

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