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2 Answers

Sub Page vs Secondary Page

Asked by: 8207 views Application Designer

PeopleSoft uses Sub pages and Secondary pages extensively. What are the differences between Sub pages and Secondary pages?

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2 Answers

  1. reddy on Apr 16, 2012 Reply

    Secondary page:Secondary page is alternative information of standard page.we can access secondary page through push buttons or hyper link or peoplecode….while designing time secondary page fields visable.

    Subpage: group fields put into sub page like address page , search page. while designing time sub page field not visable.

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  2. Imran.patel.0588@gmail.com on Jun 01, 2017 Reply

    Sub page is generally used for reuse; i.e. you have the same 4 fields
    appearing the same way on several different pages. Then you’d use a
    sub page with those fields and include the sub page in all those pages.

    Secondary page is used mostly as a pop-up type page to show additional
    information or to collect additional information.

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