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Temp Tables in App Engines

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What are Temp Tables? How can Temp Tables in App Engines be used?

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1 Answers

  1. anpvikas on Mar 08, 2012 Reply

    Temp tables are a type of Record which are used for Parallel Processing of App Engines, that is to run more than one instance of the same App. Engine at the samt time.
    For using Temp Tables:
    1) Define Temporary Table: select the recordtype as Temporary Table and make Process_Instance to be the key field and save the record ending with _TAO.
    2) Set Temporary Table: this will create the number of available instances of the temporary table, depending on the PeopleTools Option screen. Build the temp table. THe number instance will be appended to the table name at the end (ex: TEMP_TAO1, TEMP_TAO2)
    3) Assign to App Engine Program
    4) Define Runtine option in the Program properties of App Engine. (If non-shared Tables cannot be assigned: 1. Continue 2. Abort are the radio buttons available).
    5) On changing the number of instances of the temp table, the table needs to be rebuilt.

    Courtesy: Peoplesoft Developer’s Guide for PeopleTools & PeopleCode by Judi Doolittle.

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