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Testing a Component Interface

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After developing a Component Interface, it is a good practice to test it before it you start using it to develop your external system.

How can you test a Component Interface from within the Application Designer?

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2 Answers

  1. Sush1388 on Mar 05, 2013 Reply

    Yes, It would be better if we test the CI before we customize them.
    Most of the time the underlying business logic of the Component itself supports our requirement and there by eliminating the need for any further customization.
    We should also test/Validate it to ensure the structure of the CI is correct and there are no abnormalities.

    We can test the CI from the application designer itself. Open the CI -> Right click anywhere on the CI -> Select TEST COMPONENT INTERFACE . A new window pops up with the CI methods for testing.

    Please note that prior to testing the CI, Permissions should be given to the CI.
    This can be done through PIA.
    Security -> Peopletools -> Permissions list -> Select the permission list -> Go to Component interface tab -> add your CI name here and click on EDIT to set permissions.

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  2. RAMMY on Oct 03, 2018 Reply

    Having create a component interface we need to check the testing.Just give right click on a component interface which has created then click the component interface testing by default it is not authorized so, we need to give authorization before that check the which permission list has given to that component then go to the below navigation
    Main menu>people tools>security>permission&roles>permission list>(search the permission list which has given to your component)>component interface>add the CI >edit>give full access to your component then ok and save ..Finally check the testing once again to know the whether authorization has come or not

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