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Application Engine vs SQR

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In PeopleSoft we extensively use both App engines and SQRs. In many cases, we can get an App engine to perform the same tasks that an SQR does. In certain other cases, this is not possible.

Can you compare and contrast between Application Engine and SQR.

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2 Answers

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    Raja Palaniappan on Apr 17, 2013 Reply

    The differences between Application engine and SQR are

    1. Restartability:

    AE : Application Engines are Restartable from the point where they had failed.
    SQR: But SQRs are not Restartable. We will have to run them from first… i mean rerun.

    2. Encapsulation:

    AE: Can use Application packages, thus bringing in encapsulation and other object oriented programming concepts.
    SQR: Code is not encapsulated, we will not be able to use App Packages but SQCs serve the purpose to an extent.

    3. Reporting:

    AE: Later versions of people tools enable AE to create reports with help of XMLP
    SQR: Easy Report Creation with enhanced printing

    4. Debugger:

    AE: It has a built-in debugger
    SQR: Lacks built-in debugger but we can make use of the “debug”.

    5. Viewability:

    AE:Can view only one block of code at a time
    SQR:Can view the entire program at once

    6. Use of Message Catalog

    AE:Can use Message Catalogs which can be passed on easily through log messages action.
    SQR:Cannot use Message Catalogs, it only has to access the message catalog meta table to fetch messages

    7.Invoking the process via PeopleCode

    AE:Can be called from People code [CallAppEng, create process request]
    SQR:Can be called from People code [ create process request]

    8. Parallel Processing:

    AE:Parallel processing with help of temp tables for optimization
    SQR:Load Lookup is used for optimization

    9. Meta Data:

    AE:Has Meta SQL like %selectinit , %updatestats
    SQR:Lacks Meta SQL support

    10.About the Tool:

    AE:A PeopleSoft tool [Acquired by oracle]
    SQR:A Hyperion tool [Acquired by oracle]

    11.Data Dictionary:

    AE: Data Dictionary Integration [Data Dictionary Integration is nothing but the synchronization of the definition changes like field name, length with those definitions in the AE program. This is possible because of AE resides within PeopleSoft database]
    SQR: Not possible

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  2. jskingvt on Mar 23, 2016 Reply

    Use of meta SQL to make upgrades not impact.
    Use of component interfaces to reuse business logic defined at the component.
    Built in analysis tools of application designer.
    Better trace ability for debugging purposes.
    Less time to code through use of components.
    Allows use of java through PeopleCode to expand tools set.
    Can be used to create complex reports by generating XML to feed a BI publisher report.

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