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No rows exist for the specified keys

Asked by: 5493 views Component Interface

I have a Component Interface that I call from a Webservice to return some details of an Employee.
EMPLID is the only Find Key for the CI.
The Webservice used Basic Authentication and the permission list tagged to the user has full access to the CI.
Also, data corresponding to a particular employee is present in the system.

However, when the Webservice tries to invoke the CI, it throws and error: No rows exist for the specified keys.
How would you go about solving this issue?

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    Candidate on Apr 11, 2017 Reply

    I would first recheck that the data for the particular employee is present in the system or not.

    If data is available, the next point to check is the Search Record of the Component underlying the CI.
    I would check if it has keys like OPRCLASS or ROWSECCLASS. These are used for setting up Row-level security.
    If any of these are present, I would check the user’s User Profile to see what Primary Permission list / Row Security permission list they are having.

    The most common cause would be that the user’s Row-level security doesn’t allow access to the data pertaining to the particular employee.

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