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Related Language Processing

Asked by: 1815 views Application Designer

You have developed a Component that has multilingual support for French and English. So the Search Record for sure would have a Related Language record. Now, a French user logs in and navigates to your Component and clicks the Search button. Can you please explain the related language processing that takes place in the Component Processor?

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1 Answers

  1. dineshmanikonda on Jan 04, 2014 Reply

    Once the user logging into the PIA, Base on the user’s selecting language PeopleSoft will decide from where the data need populate from Base table or language table. In above example the French user logs by selecting the French language on PIA then PeopleSoft will pick the data from Language (_LANG) table. Language table have the additional key field which is Language_CD. Once user selecting the Language on PIA (before logs) PeopleSoft will assign a value to Language_CD field. Example: Normal user (English) Laguage_CD=”ENG” and for Traditional Chinese (TChinese) user Laguage_CD=”ZHT”. You can find Language_CD value on URL by selecting on any language before logs into PIA.

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