Raja Palaniappan

Raja is a PeopleSoft consultant [Finanace and Supply Chain] with over 6 years of experience.
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Peoplesoft Excel to CI

PeopleSoft Excel to CI

PeopleSoft Excel to CI is an Excel based utility delivered by PeopleSoft to import data from an Excel spreadsheet into PeopleSoft records. Since it uses a Component Interface (CI), all validations are done on the data being uploaded.


What is an Unpost Sequence?

This field is present in many Voucher related tables, requisition tables, VAT, Project costing, receiving and journal related tables. One must be careful when making queries with these tables that… Read more »

Peoplesoft Workflow

Peoplesoft Workflow Tutorial

In today’s enterprise, workflow automation is inevitable. This step-by-step tutorial will help you setup a Peoplesoft Workflow in 8 steps.