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Rakesh Subhagan is a PeopleSoft Technical Consultant with over 14 years of experience. He is the founder of PSoftsearch and can be contacted via the 'Contact us' page.
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PeopleSoft HRMS 9.1 Now Generally Available!

Barely a week after PeopleTools 8.50 became generally available, Oracle has announced the general availability of PeopleSoft HRMS 9.1 It says that customers can start downloading it from the Oracle… Read more »

PeopleTools 8.50 Now Generally Available!

As mentioned in our previous post on the release date of PeopleTools 8.50, Oracle has kept the word. The much-anticipated Tools 8.50 is now generally available. There has been much… Read more »

PeopleTools 8.50 Release Date?

After my last post on PeopleTools 8.50, I, like everyone else, was anxiously waiting to know the date of this Tools release. It was at this time that I got… Read more »

PeopleTools 8.50

People Tools 8.50 – First Look

It has been a long time! I was looking for something big to come my way to resume blogging about PeopleSoft. And this evening it just happened… yes, got a… Read more »

remove special characters function in SQR

SQR: Function to Remove Special Characters

Last week we were discussing about a piece of code that would remove special characters from a string. This was used in an SQR that writes to a .csv file…. Read more »

remove special characters in SQR

SQR: Removing Special characters from a String

This week was hectic! Though we had a very normal start, a couple of critical job failures knocked us midweek taking away all our coffee breaks! Once the jobs were… Read more »

Record used in the example graphic

SQR: Reading from Flat File and Updating a Record

This post is in response to Fred’s request on ToD. He had asked for an SQR program that would read from a flat file and update the values to a… Read more »

SQL Update Fields from Another Table

Updating multiple fields with values from another table

While carrying out day-to-day support for PeopleSoft systems, we often encounter cases where fields in a record must be updated with values from another table. In this post, we will… Read more »

PeopleSoft Radio Buttons

Radio buttons / Drop down / Prompt : What to use?

We have seen developers using Radio buttons, Dropdowns and Prompts – most often interchangeably! Can we use these interchangeably? Of course, they will work! But what about performance? Will it… Read more »

PeopleCode Page Activate Event

PeopleCode Event: Page Activate

Pages in PeopleSoft have an Activate event that gets fired every time you navigate to the page. If there are multiple pages in a component, this event fires each time… Read more »