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PeopleSoft Journal Uploader

PeopleSoft Journal Import Error – User-defined type not defined

The Journal Import Spreadsheet is a handy tool that helps you import large number of Journals easily. This post can help you with an uncommon error, User-defined type not defined, that you may encounter while using this utility.

Setting Up and Using SpeedType in PeopleSoft

Do you frequently enter similar kind of Journals in which the Chartfield combinations mostly remain the same? SpeedType can help you key in such transactions faster. This post explains how you can easily set up and start using this cool feature.

Statistical Accounts in PeopleSoft

There are numerous ways in PeopleSoft to allocate indirect costs to different departments, or operating units or any other Chartfields. This post will show you how to do this using Statistical Accounts.

PeopleSoft Procure to Pay Tables

PeopleSoft Procure to Pay Tables

PeopleSoft Procure to Pay links Purchasing and Payables modules to provide control and visibility over the entire life-cycle of a transaction. The main application tables used in the Procure to Pay cycle are listed here.


What is an Unpost Sequence?

This field is present in many Voucher related tables, requisition tables, VAT, Project costing, receiving and journal related tables. One must be careful when making queries with these tables that… Read more »

Matching in PeopleSoft

Matching is PeopleSoft’s method for ensuring that an enterprise releases payments to its vendors only when a particular criteria is met. There are 4 types of matching in PeopleSoft – each one has a specific purpose.