PeopleSoft Procure to Pay Tables

PeopleSoft Procure to Pay TablesPeopleSoft Procure to Pay links Purchasing and Payables modules to provide control and visibility over the entire life-cycle of a transaction – right from the way an item is ordered to the way that the final invoice is processed.

If you are starting out as a Procure to Pay consultant, this list of tables will be a quick reference for you. The main application tables used in the Procure to Pay cycle are listed here.

Master data tables

Module Table Name Description
AP VENDOR Vendor Header
GL DEPT_TBL Departments
GL OPER_UNIT_TBL Operating Units
PO MASTER_ITEM_TBL Item Master Header
PO, IN INV_ITEMS Inventory Item master
IN STOR_LOC_INV Storage Location Definition

Transaction tables

Module Table Name Description
AP VOUCHER AP Voucher Header
AP DISTRIB_LINE Voucher Distribution Lines
AP PAYMENT_TBL AP Disbursements
AP PYMNT_ADVICE AP payment Advice Information
AP VENDOR Vendor Header
AP BUS_UNIT_TBL_AP AP Business Unit table
AM ASSET Asset general Information
AM ASSET_ACQ_DET Asset Acquisition Detail
AM DEPRECIATION Depreciation transactions
AM COST Asset Cost Transactions
PO REQ_HDR Requisition header
PO REQ_LN Requisition line
PO PO_HDR Purchase order header
PO PO_LINE Purchase order line
AR ITEM Customer Items
GL JRNL_HEADER Journal Headers
GL JRNL_LN Journal Line Data
IN CM_ONHAND_VW On hand quantity
IN CM_INTRANSIT Inventory in transit
IN TRANSACTION_INV Inventory Transactions
IN IN_DEMAND Order Request
IN PHYSICAL_INV Physical Inventory

Accounting tables

Module Table Name Description
AP VCHR_ACCTG_LINE AP Accounting entries
AM DIST_LN AM Accounting entries
GL LEDGER Ledger Data
AR ITEM_DST AR Accounting entries
PO PO_LINE_DISTRIB POline accounting entries
IN CM_ACCTG_LINE INV Accounting Distribution
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