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  1. Thanks, Nice post

  2. Liked ur post. Very helpful.

  3. I do not touch PeopleCode or administer servers but am responsible for configuring workflow timeout parameters and NEM escalation notices. We have two test regions with identical timeout/escalation setups, but in one region escalation emails are not being received even though I can see the escalation job is running to success and finding matches. Emails are received for other workflow events, just not NEM job. Can you suggest some things that I or my I.T. section should look at…SMTP or IB?

  4. Hi – In the above code example it looks like you hard-coded in the values for Name, State, and Country (for Rojer Alex) . I want to be able to refer to variables from the actual record/field values to dynamically generate, hard-coding simply will not work. How would I go about doing that? Thanks for the excellent thread!

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