PeopleCode Event: Page Activate

PeopleCode Page Activate Event
Pages in PeopleSoft have an Activate event that gets fired every time you navigate to the page.

If there are multiple pages in a component, this event fires each time you navigate to this page. This event is valid for Standard and Secondary pages only. That means it doesn’t apply for subpages.

The page activate event is usually used for security validations that include hiding / displaying objects on the page. Say, we want a grid to be displayed only when this page is displayed in a particular component, the code for this can be written in this event.

It is also used to achieve different kinds of processing based on different Component Builds. Say, we need the page to behave differently in Add Mode and Update Mode, we can code it here.

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2 Responses
  1. How with PeopleCode can i change the property display only of a grid?

    • @luis

      The Grid class doesn’t offer an “Enabled” property.

      If you are on PT 8.5 or above, you can use the EnableColumns() method of the Grid class to efficiently make a grid display-only.

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