PeopleSoft AWE – Approval Workflow Engine

Approval Workflow EnginePeopleSoft Approval Workflow Engine (AWE) is a recent entrant into the PeopleTools family – introduced only in 8.48 AWE provides capabilities for creating, running, and managing approval processes within PeopleSoft. Approval workflows are triggered when employees, managers or users, submit a transaction, such an Expense Sheet. When the user submits the transaction, the application hands the transaction over to the Approval Workflow Engine. The AWE will determine the appropriate approval process definition and then launch the required routing based on the pre-configured steps.

The main intention behind the introduction of Approval Workflow Engine was to reduce the amount of coding required to configure Approval Workflows / Routing thus enabling the functional users to configure the workflow themselves once the initial development was done by a developer. This goes inline with the fact that Fusion also would be mostly configurable, thus reducing the maintenance cost. All of the steps in approval workflow are defined using PeopleSoft pages and not PeopleCode. Therefore, functional users can design and maintain workflows using these online PeopleSoft pages instead of requiring technical developers to create workflow rules.

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  1. The State of Montana is trying to implement the Approval Workflow Engine for HCE 9.1. Has anyone implemented this already?

    • @ E LaFromboise – Yes, many of our customers have successfully implemented AWE on 9.0
      Unlike Workflows, AWE is more to do with configuration than PeopleCode. It will be easily to maintain as well.

      • Rakesh,

        Do you by any chance have the pdf for AWE 9.0. I could not locate the AWE 9.0 at oracle site. They might have moved it. I also tried some other sites but these sites want subscription fees before I can get the file in which I think it is ridiculous as this is a free white paper by Oracle. Thanks, ray

        • @Ray – You can find it on Oracle Support under the document ID 747740.1

          Below is a link that will directly take you there (login required). AWE Red Paper

  2. TSTT has already implemented AWE

  3. We are implementating EX 9.0 and AWE. Having mny difficuties, any one ready to help me?

  4. how to make url in peoplesoft workflow?

    • Hi Ibrahim,

      If you are talking about the URL which is displayed in the worklist of the user,
      In the activity, there is a Email Routing object, please give the URL in the field attributes.

  5. What’s the idea of not showing the date in which the comments were published?

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