PeopleSoft Component Buffer

Component Buffer is the area in the memory that stores data associated with the presently active component. When a page in any component is opened, the system retrieves all of the data records for the entire component and stores them in one set of record buffers, organized by scroll level and then by page level. It consists of rows of buffer fields that hold data for the records associated with page controls, including primary scroll records, related display records, derived/work records, and Translate table records. PeopleCode can reference buffer fields associated with page controls and other buffer fields from the primary scroll record and related display records.

PeopleSoft provides easy access to data in the component buffer from within PeopleCode for the developers to perform business logic.

Data buffer is a storage space in memory. It can refer to component buffers, buffers loaded by an Application Engine program or a Component Interface.

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  1. last few days our group held a similar discussion on this topic and you point out something we have not covered yet, appreciate that.

    – Laura

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