PeopleSoft HRMS 9.1 Workforce Administration

PeopleSoft Workforce AdministrationHRMS Administer workforce Implementation:

There are some attributes in PeopleSoft that will definitely help you implement PeopleSoft HRMS in your organization in a better and easy way.

  • PeopleSoft Setup Manager: This enables you to generate a list of setup tasks for your organization based on the features that you are implementing. These will be listed in order in which you must enter data into the component tables.
  • Component Interface + Excel to Component Interface: Component Interfaces loads data from your exiting system into HRMS business process tables, using the Excel to Component Interface utility.

See below the list of all the components that have component interface:

  1. CHKLST_ITEM_TBL: Creating checklist (Component Interface – CI_CHKLST_ITEM_TBL)
  2. CNT_CLAUSE_TABLE: To track workforce contracts (Component Interface – CNT_CLAUSE_TABLE )
  3. SALARY_PLAN_TABLE : Setting up salary plans (Component Interface – SALARY_PLAN)

PS: Planning phase of implementation projects should take advantage of all the resources like: installation guides, table-loading sequences, data models and business process maps.

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  1. Is there any available access to a demo environment for HRMS?

  2. Looking for new HRMS

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