PeopleTools 8.53 Release Value Proposition

PeopleSoft User ExperienceIt seems like Oracle is marching ahead with PeopleSoft! It has been just 252 days since PeopleTools 8.52 became generally available and Oracle has already come up with the PeopleTools 8.53 RVP today! As always, this comes in as reinforcement to Oracle’s continued interest in keeping PeopleSoft alive for the years to come.

You can download the PeopleTools 8.53 Release Value Proposition here (requires login)

As seen from the past few releases, PeopleTools have heavily been influenced by the three principles – Increased Simplicity, Enhanced Productivity and Reduced Total Cost of Ownership. We would expect PeopleTools 8.53 to take these to the next level.

This post summarizes the most important enhancements that would be available in PeopleTools 8.53

Styles and User Interaction Model

Do you remember the wow effect when Tools 8.50 came out? We do not have a video / flash presentation yet, but, I think, this release would make it still better in terms of efficiency and an intuitive user experience.

Data Migration Workbench

How do we migrate a record from one instance to another? Just add it into a project, do a compare and then just migrate, Right?

Not how do we migrate application configuration data? Find all the records that are affected by the config, write Data Mover scripts, Export data from the source instance and finally Import data to the target instance.

Data Migration Workbench

Data Migration Workbench

How nice it would have been if there was a method to migrate application configuration data just like we migrate records? That’s exactly what Oracle is promising through PeopleSoft Data Migration Workbench. This utility also has quality controls and approval checks in place.

Update Manager

Have you used Microsoft Web Platform Installer?
If you choose to install a software pack using this, the tool will automatically figure out the dependencies of the software pack and create a list of downloads so that the chosen software pack can start working on your PC.

Similar would be the case with PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). A customer can select a single fix and the requisite fixes that must also be applied are combined together into a single, automatically generated package.

This would go a long way in reducing the TCO where a customer need not do a full blown testing as in the case of installing an entire fix package.

Secure by Default Initiative

Through this initiative, Oracle is trying to build the foundation for a more secure PeopleSoft environment. Some of the features that will be introduced will include:
Checks for ensuring that passwords for default user accounts are set during installation.
Enhanced mitigation for brute force and denial-of-service attempts.
Extra security for file attachments and the Report Repository

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2. The RVP for Application Release 9.2 has also been published (requires login)
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