Radio buttons / Drop down / Prompt : What to use?

We have seen developers using Radio buttons, Dropdowns and Prompts – most often interchangeably!

Can we use these interchangeably?
Of course, they will work!

But what about performance?
Will it be the same with all the three?

NO, is the answer!!
PeopleBooks clearly says this.

This is a summary of what is being said:

  • Use radio buttons to enable the selection of one out of two possible choices. Wrap these Radio buttons within a group box so that they look more meaningful.
    If you have three or more choices go for a drop-down list box.
  • They are a good design choice when presenting casual, untrained users with a small number of selections from which they must select one value.
  • However, when designing for grids and scroll areas, prompts give you better performance. Prompts are more appropriate when a power user is entering the transaction from a paper form or document that contains the necessary codes.

That’s it for the day. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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