Topics on Demand [ToD]

Introducing Topics on Demand!

If you have a topic that you would like us to cover, this is where you can ask for it.
Once we get some requests, one of our developers would write a post on the requested topic.

Feel free to come up with any topic related to PeopleSoft and we will try to cover it in a timely manner.

Hope to see you on ToD soon!

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11 Responses
  1. Hi Rakeshsgk,

    Happy to see this blog!
    Would greatly appreciate if you guys can comeup with a post on reading data from files and updating it to records using SQR.

    I’m very new to PeopleSoft and would like to have it very simple.


  2. Hi Fred

    We are happy to have you first on ToD. Your post on ‘reading data from files and updating it to records using SQR’ is on it’s way!

    Meanwhile pls feel free to go through some of our old posts, especially this one [ New PeopleSoft developer? ].


  3. Hi Fred,

    We have posted the SQR you have requested!

    Pls find it here and let us know what you feel about it.


  4. What a great resource!

  5. i am also very happy to see this blog.

  6. Hi,
    Looking for a security matrix. Where Menu Name, Component, page and which role has access to these pages. Any best practice spredsheet?


  7. PSoftSearch has a very informative webpage , ” Procure to pay cycle – Tables ” , could you please release similar webpage for Order to Cash Cycle.


    • One of our authors is working on this.
      Will let you know once we publish this.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. How to specify the position at which the data needs to be printed in output PDF file

  9. Hi!
    Can you pls help me in Joining 2 Records in Queries, those have More than one Effective Date in the Records. Kindly help me in the same

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