Managing PeopleSoft with Application Management Suite

Peoplesoft Application Management Suite

Peoplesoft Application Management Suite

PeopleSoft Enterprise Packages is used to manage your Business, is there any Software to manage PeopleSoft?

The Answer is YES!

Oracle has come up with a Managerial suite for PeopleSoft named “Application Management Suite”. The Oracle Enterprise Manager which included the service level management, application performance management, configuration management, integration with My Oracle Support, and third-party management tool integration is said to be its Mother. So obviously the above capabilities are inherited to the Application Management Suite. Along with these above capabilities, this Suite provides PeopleSoft specific tools like Domain Administration and Process Scheduler Management.

Cost factors can be reduced to a greater extent as the out-of-box heavy customizations are written off by its flexible design. All the business processes are managed, thereby Business services are maximized and costs are minimized. Business processes are made as services and service objectives or targets are specified so the Suite starts to monitor them with a variety of Dashboards.

Real Users and Synthetic users can make use of this product. Real Users are helped with information like

  • Page of the click
  • Client IP address
  • Timestamp
  • Response time and Error/warning messages
  • Application usage trends
  • Performance problems
  • Usability issues, audit tracking

The above all helps in proactively management for performance and of the PeopleSoft applications based on real end users information. Reports and Dashboard Metrics are provided. Synthetic users are complemented with simulation and simulated testing.

Quick problem resolution and proactive monitoring are one of the key factors for any managerial product. Application Managerial suite helps in proactively managing the health of the system. The health of the system includes that of the servers like web server, application server and the database server. Also the PSAPPSRV queue and log messages are monitored. Thresholds are defined for CPU utilization, Server statistics which aid in performance monitoring. Notifications or Alerts include emailing, SNMP trap triggers to third party management tools, and some custom scripts.

Application Management Suite for PeopleSoft in short includes

  • Real User Monitoring
  • Synthetic User Monitoring
  • Service Test
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Performance Metrics
  • Usage Metrics
  • Service Dashboard
  • Service Level Reports
  • Thresholds
  • Alert Notifications
  • Metric History
  • Event Log Analysis
  • Process Scheduler Management
  • Discovery
  • System Modeling
  • Service Modeling
  • Configuration Snapshot
  • Change Audit Trail
  • Configuration Compare
  • Configuration Policy
  • Domain Administration
  • Job System
  • My Oracle Support Integration
  • Application Testing Suite
  • Real Application Testing
  • Data Masking Pack
  • Diagnostic Pack for Database
  • Tuning Pack for Database
  • Configuration Management Pack for Database
  • System Monitoring Plug-in for Non-Oracle Databases
  • System Monitoring Plug-in for Storage

Here’s a preview of the suite in action

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