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PS Query is a reporting utility provide by PeopleSoft to build queries and retrieve data from the database. It provides an intuitive graphical user interface that enables even non technical users to create complex queries with very little training.

Through the Query manager, you can run queries, schedule them and download the results from the query into an excel spread sheet. Further, such queries can also be used as data sources for XML Publisher.

While all users with access to the Query manager can access public queries, queries that are marked as private queries are available to the owner of the query.

Like most other things in PeopleSoft, Queries are meta-data driven too. We have a post that covers the tables used for Queries.

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  1. Does XML Publisher allow for multiple data sources. If so do you have an example of how it’s done?

    • Hi Dorothea Johnson,

      For an XMLP report, you can associate a Connected Query, PS Query or XML File as the data source; but only one per report.

      Please post details of your requirement so that I can tailor the response.

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